Operational Theme: We Lead and Work with Intention to Create Purpose and Motion 

7 Core company values

  1. Our Members Come First (customers)
  2. Relationships Matter (Build Relationships)
  3. Open, Honest and Constructive Improvement
  4. We Demand Excellence of Ourselves
  5. We Act like Owners At All Times
  6. We Take Intelligent Risks
  7. We Spread Success Everywhere We GO!

Employees We Want To Work With Musts

  1. Must Have Ability to Dream Big!
  2. Must Want To Get Shit Done!
  3. Must Want To Have Fun!


  1. Our member-customers always, always come first.

We are in the business of working with people on many different levels of business and many different genres of operations. We must never take our focus off serving at the pleasure of our member customers at any time. If we are ever in any question of how to handle any situations or problem within our operations, this core value serves as a true-north guild on how to make decisions and make the right move that serves the people we serve which in turn is in our company’s best interest. Remember this- The customer may not always be right, but they do come first!

  1. Relationships Matter, We Build Relationships

We are not as much in the sales business as we are the relationship building business. Even if we do not make the sale or do business with a certain member-customer, it is our mission to at least create a platform to build a potential relationship with this member-customer. Superlative salesmanship and success for our company starts with the building blocks of building a long-term relationship with our member-customers. We make our members feel as though they are a part of something that goes beyond just doing business.

  1. Open, Honest and Constructive Improvement

The day we stop improving is the day we start to go out of business. We must not be afraid to be open, honest and most importantly, constructive about our improvement. The strongest measure of the quality of our team members is the ability to help another team-member they don’t like, to be a better team member. Our company supports an open door platform for creating transparency to help each team member to be the best member they can possibly be. Compassionate management is not only empowering, encouraging and challenging each other but also can include taking the pitcher out of the game for a while! We will find an open, honest and constructive ways to lead with compassion for each other.

  1. We Demand Excellence of Ourselves

When Lou Holtz took over as head coach for the University of Minnesota in 1984, he only agreed to take the job if everyone was 100% committed to excellence. He would fire anyone that wasn’t! That team went on to become winners! We too must demand excellence of ourselves in our work, our homes and throughout our daily lives. To be a team member with our company you must demonstrate that you believe in this concept of committing to 100% to excellence in your work and life and, that you are committed to supporting other team members in achieving excellence in their own work and life. Without excellence in our work and life, we are just another project management company. Team members must create their own excellence development plan and some kind of philanthropic activity that they are personally passionate about. Our company will support you in your philanthropic activities! You are a professional, that’s why we hired you. We trust that your excellence development plan and your philanthropic activity can be completely your own and will serve to tap into your own creativity and innovation.

5. We Act like Owners At All Times

In this company, we all act like owners of the company at all times. Because working here is more than just receiving a paycheck every week, we ask that in your daily activities and associations with the public, vendors, contractors and customer-members, you act as though you too are an owner of this company. We pay a weekly salary but also pay a commission on sales and project completions. This is your buy-in to the company. Intrapreneurship is just as valuable as entrepreneurship. This is not always an easy task but we as the owners of the company are fully committed to coaching your success in this concept.

  1. We Take Intelligent Risk

As a team-member here in our company, we are going to challenge you to take some risk. Just like a movie director says to an actor, “You played the scene great and it went well, but I think you’re playing the scene too safe.” We are going to ask you from time to time if you think you’re playing the scene too safe, meaning, are you taking enough intelligent risk in your project. Remember, we see you as the professional, that’s why we hired you and we give you the free rein to work freely at your own discretion when it comes to your project. We want you to challenge yourself, your vendors and your contractors by taking intelligent, calculated and strategized risk. Our company will support you!

  1. We Spread Success Everywhere We GO!

This core company value is our oldest and most valued core value. We will spread success everywhere we go by supporting all activities that lead to the success of the people and organizations we work with. More success around us is more success for us! This concept is not an easy one and it may require some outside work that may not be fully in our wheelhouse but in the long term, and historically, it has never failed to bear fruit for our own success. Spreading success is also about how we carry ourselves in and outside our workplace. When we travel to remote work locations, those who represent our company will conduct themselves in a positive and business-forward manor to demonstrate to our customer-members that they are working with excellence and a team that support their own success