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A Contractor Experience You’ve Been Waiting For!

Contractors and homeowners coming together to get home improvement projects done

What is Bockman Group National contractor management?

Home improvement contractors and homeowners have a disconnect and we are here to help. What is Bockman Group National? In all the years I have been a home and property improvement contractor, I hear the same complaint over and over! “My contractor won’t respond to my calls!” For example. my aunt just called me from Indiana yesterday telling me that her roofing contractor won’t call her back. She’s been through several contractors and none of them seem to be interested in repairing her roof!

Here’s the thing, – it’s not you and – it’s not your contractor. I too am guilty of this very thing as a contractor. This is what happens. As a business owner, prioritization of incoming projects becomes the focus. Larger more high paying projects through general contractors and just larger projects that pay more through direct sales have to take priority. Its just the way business is! Often times customers forget the expense of running a small and even a large contracting business. Commercial insurance, wages, fuel, and tools alone take over half of any profits that the owner gets. Those of us that have been in business for a while also know that saying “no” to certain projects is a good thing. Some projects just don’t fit our business and a lot of time we are too busy with other projects to make a commitment to a new customer. The motto here is that it’s better to say no to a customer than have a bad experience with them.

From the customer side of this, they become increasingly¬†frustrated. My aunt’s feeling is that her project isn’t very high paying because it’s so small. It’s still very important that she get her roof fixed by a professional because water is damaging not only her roof but now her ceiling inside the house. She, like a lot of other homeowners, feel that home improvement¬†contractors only want the big projects that make good money and because their projects are small and pay less, they get pushed aside if considered at all! I’m going to be honest with you, their¬†right! they are being pushed aside but like I said before, it’s not the contractor’s fault, it’s just how business works.

This is why it’s so important for there to be a healthy market of competing contractors in an area. I overheard a couple once talking about contractors in the area and the lady said, “this is all we have to choose from”, meaning that there are only so many contractors in the area in which none of them seem to be satisfying the overall need of the community.

There is very little that the common homeowner can do to improve this situation other than starting their own business and competing in the space. There are no laws forcing contractors to work with every customer that patrons them and we can’t ask local governments to pass laws mandating a certain number of high-quality contractors reside in an area to fulfill a need. But what can be done is call Bockman Group National!

I heard a very successful entrepreneur once say on a podcast, “If it sucks for you, it sucks for someone else.” The point is, pain is not only felt by you as a customer, other customers are feeing it too. As a business owner, I am always looking for those pain points to resolve not only in my own businesses but as a consumer myself. When you hear something enough times, you start to believe its true and I hear about the disconnect between home improvement contractors and homeowners all the time. This is why I started Bockman Group National contractor and facilities management.

Bockman Group National is a contractor liaison company. We at Bockman Group National make our living by absorbing the pain felt by both homeowner and contractor. We provide a service that benefits for both parties in any home improvement project. Here’s where the difference lies for the homeowner, Bockman Group National works off of volume of projects so no project is too small or too little paying. Lots of small projects add up to a viable business model. For the contractors we work with, we have lots of work for them in one area and not just a few here and there. This becomes attractive to the home improvement contractor.

Here’s how it works, You the homeowner have a need for contractor work in your home or business whether it is a full remodel, or just repair a leaky roof. It doesn’t matter what the work is that needs to be done. Call Bockman Group National and give us the details of the work you want to be done. We contact a list licensed profession contractors whether specialized or a general contractor and we get the estimates. We present the estimates to you and you tell us what estimate you want to go with. Each estimate does include our services percentage as well so there are no surprises or unapproved charges at the end. Here’s where the value comes in by working with Bockman Group National, we are your point of contact at all times throughout the project. Someone will always answer the call or call you immediately back. If there is a problem or concern with the project, we handle all the calls to the contractor. Not everyone is rich and retired and has nothing to do all day but keep their finger on the pulse of the project. You the homeowner have a life, family and your career to attend to and can’t always be available to watch over your home improvement project. This is exactly what we at Bockman Group National have the time to do. We have nothing better to do with our day but make sure your project is going smoothly.



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